Why make a Kickstarter?

Do you need to make a Kickstarter to sell a skateboard? Probably not.

Do you need crowdfunding to start a company? Actually, you don’t.

But is launching a Kickstarter a fantastic way to introduce a great product at a great price? Yes, absolutely.

Making a product is sometimes not as easy as it may look like. You could look at a plastic cup and think “Well, that is just a piece of plastic that costs nothing”. While the raw materials may seem inexpensive, the machinery required to produce it can cost upwards of $100,000. Just for a cup. 

Welcome to the world of manufacturing.

A plastic injection moulding machine producing a plastic plate
But how does Kickstarter fit into all of this?

Making a product at an affordable price for everybody requires making significant tooling investments in the first place.

To decrease the price per product, we would invest in injection molding and automatic processes. This means that while the initial fixed cost is higher, the price per product is significantly lower.

Although the minimum order quantities are higher, the price per part decreases tremendously.

Making a Kickstarter means that we could pre-sell enough quantities to make those investments. Reaching our target means that we can spend money on the tooling and on the certification that allows us to deliver a great product at an affordable price.

A render of a plastic casing
Our casing require a plastic injection mold to be manufacture

We could choose to sell skateboards individually at a high price, but they wouldn’t be competitive in today’s market.

Alternatively, we could pre-sell enough of them to offer a high-quality product at an attractive price. And because we believe in putting smiles on people’s faces, we’ve chosen the latter option.

By running a  Kickstarter campaign, we’ll have the funds needed to finance the tooling and produce the first batch of products. 

And you, have you ever bought something on a crowdfunding platform before?

Have you ever bought something on a crowdfunding platform before?

Help us spread the word and share this project with your friends and skateboard lovers you know. 

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