Behind the scene

What began as a private prototype has generated so much positive feedback and interest that the question came:

Should it become available for more people?

Meet the passionate team turning this prototype into a groundbreaking project for the skateboard community.

A portrait of Alexis
A skateboarder in a ramp doing a feeble

Alexis – The creator

Coming from Super-Besse in France, Alexis is the founder and inventor of the concept.

Growing up in the mountains of France, I’ve been passionate about gliding sports since childhood. This love for adventure led me to become both an engineer and a ski instructor, blending technical skills with my dedication to sports.

My passion for creation extends beyond the slopes. I thrive on imagining, designing, and building interactive experiences.

This project embodies what I cherish most: the thrill of sports and riding, the excitement of travel and exploration, and the joy of connecting with people.

Martin – The spark & video magician

He’s also behind the camera, turning the concept into a polished product. More than just filming, Martin took care of the entire production of the video.

I’ve always been passionate about urban sports, and I remember clearly the first time I tried out Alexis’ prototype… it was quite a magical moment, because it was a sensation I’d never experienced before.

That feeling of not needing to push continuously to simply maintain my speed, the impression of being on a controlled slight downhill, everywhere I go… it’s just amazing.

When you add to that Alexis’s kindness and passion, helping him with his project was a no-brainer!

Jules – The handy illustrator

Hard to pin on a map (some would Lyon, Paris, Nantes,) Jules is the second pro-rider of the project.

Originally from Toulouse, I’ve traveled across France, driven by my passion for riding and creativity. My creative journey has encompassed graphic design, illustration, motion design, and filmmaking, including work with Canal Brand Factory.

Riding has been a constant companion throughout my travels. I’ve had the privilege of riding with the Wise Scootering team, traveling across Europe, filming parts, and meeting fellow riders. This lifestyle has fueled my creativity, allowing me to thrive as an illustrator and motion designer.

Jules transformed the deck from a plain piece of wood into a stunning creation, capturing the project’s essence and adding a unique touch. There’s even a hidden story within it that some of you will eventually discover.

Shout out to all the people who contributed

Cassie, Arthur, Stephan, Matt, Mikkel, Daniel & Christian, Eleanor, Hans & Andreas, Samuel, Matthias, Tony, Kaitlyn, Tom, Morten, Ugur, Buus, George, Charlie, Gaston, Camille, Victorio, Julian.

A massive thank you to all the testers and everyone who provided feedback on the prototype, as well as those who offered genuine care and advice along the way.

An iterative process


Iteration to find the perfect algorithm for the skateboard

Fine tuning the program so it feels so smooth that it becomes very natural.


KM of test per prototypes

The prototypes have been rolling for almost two years, accumulating more than 1200 km of travel each.


design of casing tested

Trying to find the thinnest and most elegant shape required a few iterations to nail the look.


different tester

1 week long test with 25 different people to improve the concept.

It starts from a sketch
3D modeling
Soldering the electronic
First prototype ready for assembly
Gripping the deck as a last step
Assembly complete

How did we get here ?

Turning an idea into a product has been an exciting journey.
We’re thrilled to invite you to join us at the most exciting stage: where you can be part of it!

January 2021


Frequent travels through Paris inspired Alexis to create a system that he began using daily.

January 2021

April 2021


April 2021

April 2022


The overwhelmingly positive feedback and interest from the people who tried the prototype have sparked the idea of introducing this product to a wider audience.

April 2022

March 2023


Project mode activated : The goal is to launch a Kickstarter.

We go through all the necessary steps : market research – product roadmap – build more prototypes – conduct 1 week of user test with volunteers – improve the product – test again – Find a supplier – receive quotations – film the video for Kickstarter – etc.

March 2023

Summer 2023


During the summer, more than 25 skateboarders tested the prototypes for a week each.

Summer 2023

Winter 2024


We selected a supplier, prepared the video and marketing campaign, and finalized all the details to introduce the liquid skateboard project to the public.

Winter 2024

June 2024


Our journey culminates in the Kickstarter launch, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

June 2024



We’re unveiling a groundbreaking product designed to elevate your skateboarding experience. The future of our project is in your hands.

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