The perfect video creation tool was right under our feet.

The Liquid Skateboard project is a ground-up effort, which means self-financed and brought to life with a lot of help from friends.

We have big dreams, but a small production budget, so for our launch video, we had to get creative.

Fortunately, I knew the perfect person for the job. My friend Martin, who’s both a pro-rider and talented cinematographer came to Copenhagen in October for a week of shooting & skateboarding.

We wanted to find a way to capture the endless flow of riding a Liquid Skateboard, while remaining close to the action.

Professional (and expensive) camera-tracking equipment could have worked, but we wanted to shoot on the move so constantly relocating this setup would have been a hassle.

The cruise-control of the Liquid Skateboard was surprisingly perfect for capturing the board flowing through the city.

So, with camera in hand, Martin stepped onto the board and set off.

Because the board allows you to cruise at a constant speed, Martin could focus on filming the first board, allowing us to get the rolling cinematic shots we needed, all over town.

So here is the method

Martin & Julian, both cruising on Liquid Boards by the beach, capturing the action.
Me following behind on a traditional skateboard.

Which got us this shots

We’re super happy with the result and can’t wait to reveal the full kickstarter launch video.

So, with just a camera and the Liquid Board, you too can create cinema-level tracking shots!
I wonder what other creative uses there are for a cruise-control skateboard?
I’m sure we will find out soon…


  1. Pour faire un graff créer des longues lignes pour faire des trames par exemple 🤩

  2. It will help people in their late 30’s like myself get back on a skateboard again. Any engineering jobs available in your team?!😊 I’ve had enough of cars and planes, let’s do electric skateboards instead!

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