Original motion, Electric flow.

Cruise effortlessly through the city with an electric skateboard that keeps the original motion of skateboarding.

Liquid Skateboard is merging the freedom of traditional skateboarding with the comfort and extended range of electric models.


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The infinite ride feeling

A skateboard without the remote controller

We have invented a remoteless electric skateboard that mimics a frictionless ride: It is the snowboard’s infinite green slope, the 1-meter high infinite surf wave.

It is designed to be usable with or without electric power, its goal is to make you forget it is electric.

Enjoy a new cruising experience where riding the city is no longer exhausting your leg after 10 minutes!

It blends into your life to make your commute faster and enjoyable

A true skateboard experience – so you can hop on and off, and switch between the ride, the bus, train and metro seamlessly.

We made a remoteless electric skateboard, so you can move – and cruise through life -, naturally.

Next-generation Cruise Control

Our unique algorithm provides a truly original skateboarding experience.

Kick as you would with a traditional skateboard. Once you step onto the sensor, the motor delivers the right amount of power so you don’t slow down.

At first, you’ll feel nothing, then you’ll realize that your speed isn’t decreasing, as if you had the perfect tailwind.

The speed is maintained going uphill (where the motor delivers more power) and downhill (where the motor brakes, charging the battery at the same time).


Designed for the smoothest experience possible, this product does not need the annoying remote control. Kick and brake like on your non-electric skate, cruise on the infinite wave!


The powerful SAMSUNG Batteries provide the smoothest ride for about 45 minutes to one hour, depending on your speed and on your riding style.


Start riding, the board will automatically wake up and assist you in a seamless way. Stop riding, it will turn off automatically after a few minutes.


The soft 70A shore PU, the 5 mm thick shock absorber, and the perfectly tuned electronic parameters provide the smoothest experience.


This is a skateboard built like a skateboard: 7 ply Canadian Maple! Your feet will love it.


A compact and powerful battery, 70 mm wheels, and traditional deck construction make this product one of the lightest of its category and only 1kg heavier than a regular cruiser.


The battery of 90Wh makes it completely legal as a carry-on item on an airplane. Bring your favorite board with you on your next trip!

Photo by Valentin Lechat

Inspired by the waves

Designed for concrete

Our Testers Loved Our Prototype!

The best electric board I ever tried !!! Well done 👍 buddy

Review en cours c’est tout simplement génial bravo

Best electric skateboard I ever tried !


Magical feeling riding one of these! So cool, Alexis!


Super nice skateboard 🔥


🔥🔥🔥 Let’s go ! Ça va cartonner, le skate est top 👏🏽 testé et approuvé ✅️


This is just the beginning of our journey, and we are very excited to invite you to be a part of it.

We need all the help we can get to kick off this project. Help us by sharing our website with your friends and family, and let’s get the Liquid skateboard project rolling!