And you, what is your relationship with skateboarding?

Dear skater, rider, novelty enthusiast, curious, explorer,

Very nice to meet you!

My name is Alexis and I am at the creator of the liquid skateboard project.

If you’re here today, it’s likely because skateboarding resonates with you, just as it does with me. And because passion is better when it is shared, I feel very honoured to have you on my side.

My journey with skateboarding began almost a decade ago.

Freshly retired from my ski career at the age of 20, I had to abandon the idea of turning professional in that sport. I found myself surrounded by amazing classmates, roommates, and friends who, in addition to being excellent skiers and snowboarders, were also extremely skilled skateboarders.

During our third year together, Julien suggested a brilliant idea : “How about we build a mini ramp inside of the apartment”.

Of course, being the wise individuals we were, we all enthusiastically agreed.

A mini ramp inside of an appartement, sparking a relationship with skateboarding

10 years ago, our colocation, with on the picture (from left to right) Lucas, Julien, Arthur, Alexis , and Lucas again (the same).

So after 2 months of planning, cutting and building, it was ready. It quickly became one of the best places to hone our skills. Starting to skateboard at that time was truly one of the best feelings. I always look back on those moments with very fond memories. 

10 years later, I realise that skateboarding has changed my life, and it remains a constant presence.

It has been the best activity for making new friends in new cities or countries. And if you skate yourself, you know what I mean. Go to any city around the world with your skateboard, and you will always meet cool people at the skateboard.

It has also been the ideal mode of transportation through the bustling streets of Paris during heavy commutes, and it even played a significant role in landing my very first job (a story for another day).

And you, what made you learn skateboarding? How young did you start? What is your favorite board type ? Are you still skateboarding? Or maybe, have you ever skated?

Post a comment below and share your story with us – and tell us a bit more about what is your connection with skateboarding.

We are on a journey to bring a unique skateboard to life, and we hope that you are as excited about it as we are.


You can help us by sharing our project with your favourite skate buddy.


  1. Je me suis mis au skate il y a environ 25 ans pour me déplacer et me rendre au boulot autrement qu’en vélo ou en roller. Quand j’ai vu le concept proposé, ça m’a rappelé de bons souvenirs et l’idée et vraiment bonne. J’adhère totalement.

  2. Hi!!

    I have participated in your crowdfunding and I have a doubt now: Is it possible to change the wheels so the skate can be used out of the city??

    Or is there the possibility to use a different board (long board or similar)?


    • Hello Jaume,

      Thanks for your question, and for your contribution to the project. Yes it is possible to change the wheels but only for the same diameter.
      May I know what wheels you have in mind when you ask about “using out of the city”? This is not a skateboard suitable for off roading, in case this is the question.

      Don’t hesitate to DM us on Instagram for a faster response time from our side as well – @liquidskateboard

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